Career Development
We offer career paths to help you grow and develop, enhance your skills and prepare for future opportunities.

Career Paths

To help you grow and develop at Stimson, it’s important to chart a career path.  There are three core career paths:

  • Production for manufacturing-related jobs
  • Resources for forestry-related jobs
  • Corporate for jobs related to engineering, management, human resources, finance, sales and IT


Stimson offers advancement opportunities within production based on experience and availability of open positions. All positions require work instruction completion. Review sample career paths by position:

Doing a Good Job

Good work can lead to training and promotional opportunities. It can also affect your pay. Stimson is committed to helping you grow through advanced education, internships and training.

Find the right mill job for you

Watch any or all of the videos below for a real-life perspective of what it’s like to work in a mill at Stimson.

Some of the more highly skilled positions, such as a grader, millwright or electrician, may require additional education. To help you out, Stimson offers tuition assistance for continuing education.


Stimson manages more than 600,000 acres of forest land in the Western United States. Our forestry professionals help us maintain, protect and find value in the land.  To support your career and the company, you are encouraged to learn several specialties related to forestry, including:

  • Silviculture (the growing and cultivation of trees)
  • General forest management (e.g., managing watersheds, roadways, fire protection, pest management, tree harvesting, etc.)
  • Real estate forestry (identifying and valuing forests for purchase or sale)
  • Log procurement
  • GIS/mapping (geographic information systems)
  • Management

Each forestry job requires certain knowledge and years of experience to progress upward or laterally. To learn more, review the Resource Job Family Guide.


Talk to your supervisor for career paths related to corporate jobs including engineering, management, human resources, finance, sales and IT.