Performance Management
Talk to your supervisor about your career interests, goals and development needs.

Performance Feedback

Feedback from your supervisor will help you understand what’s working well and what you should focus on to improve your performance or grow your role and responsibilities. When you talk to  your supervisor, be sure to review:

  • Job responsibilities and goals
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Plans for dealing with obstacles or challenges
  • Future plans
  • Career goals and developmental opportunities

On-going performance conversations happen as needed and when you or your supervisor request to discuss career goals and developmental opportunities.

If you are a New Hire, you may receive more formal reviews within your first 90 days.

Your Role

You are responsible for understanding your role, performing the duties of your job to the best of your ability and seeking regular feedback from your supervisor about your performance.

As you grow in your role, talk with your supervisor about your short-and long-term career goals and areas that interest you.

Your Supervisor’s Role

Supervisors will provide feedback regularly and set expectations. Together, you and your supervisor can develop a plan that helps you identify and reach short-and long-term career goals and ensures your contribution to the company is valuable. Your supervisor can help you recognize where your strengths might best fit the needs of the company and identify career paths you might not have known existed.

Talk to Your Supervisor

The best performance reviews happen on an informal, day-to-day basis. Talk to your supervisor about your performance regularly.