Retirement Plans
The pension plan is designed to provide you a source of income in retirement.

Depending on when you joined Stimson, you might have a pension plan that will provide income when you retire.

  • Timber Operators Council Retirement Plan & Trust (TOC). This plan was frozen on May 31, 2011. To apply for benefits, plan participants should contact Prudential at 800-621-1089 or visit the Prudential website.
  • Idaho Pension Plan. This plan was frozen on April 30, 2009. To apply for benefits, elect direct deposit or find out when your pension checks will be mailed, plan participants should contact MassMutual Ascend at 877-656-6677 or visit the MassMutual Ascend website.

New hires are not eligible for a pension plan benefit. However, you have a generous 401(k) Plan to help you save for your future.



Username: STMSN plus 6-digit clock number. If clock number is less than 6 digits (e.g., 1234), add zeros to ensure a total of 6-digits: STMSN000123.

Update Your Address

Make sure Stimson always has your current home address. Go to UltiPro to change your name, address and phone number.