Voluntary Life/AD&D Premiums

If you purchase voluntary life/AD&D insurance, you pay the full cost of coverage through after-tax payroll deductions.

The monthly after-tax rate you’ll pay for coverage for yourself and your spouse will depend on your ages and the amount of insurance you purchase. (A change in rates due to a change in your age will become effective on the policy anniversary date coinciding with or following your birthday.) Coverage for you and your spouse ends at age 75. Use the premium worksheet to calculate your voluntary Life/AD&D monthly cost for coverage.

EMPLOYEE/SPOUSE PREMIUMS (AGE AS OF JANUARY 1) Employee Monthly Rate/$10,000 Spouse Monthly
Under 30 $.074 $.074
30-34 $.084 $.084
35-39 $1.04 $1.04
40-44 $1.44 $1.44
45-49 $2.44 $2.44
50-54 $4.24 $4.24
55-59 $5.84 $5.84
60-64 $7.74 $7.74
65-69 $10.44 $10.44
70-74 $18.24 $18.24
DEPENDENT CHILD PREMIUMS* (AGE) Monthly Rate per Coverage Amount**
14 days to 26 years

$.46 for $2,500 in coverage

$.91 for $5,000 in coverage

$1.35 for $7,500 in coverage

$1.81 for $10,000 in coverage

*Your monthly premium will be split between two pay periods.
**You pay one premium for all your eligible children, regardless of the number of children.

If you leave the company, you may continue your coverage directly with New York Life Group Benefit Solutions. To convert your coverage, call 888-842-4462.