Stimson’s dental plan covers preventive, basic and major dental services, and orthodontia for children and adults. The plan is administered by Moda Health.

How It Works

You can receive care from any licensed dental provider, but you maximize your benefits — and save money — when you see an in-network Moda Premier and PPO dental provider.

If you choose to see an out-of-network dentist, you will be responsible for paying the additional costs if the provider’s charges exceed the maximum plan allowance (MPA).


All regular full-time employees are eligible to enroll in dental coverage. You can also cover your eligible dependents.  If you enroll in the dental plan, you will also be enrolled in the vision plan. Coverage begins on the first day of the month following your hire date.


Here’s a quick look at the dental plan. For details, review the Delta Dental Premier Plan Booklet.

In-network Out-of-network
Annual Deductible

Single: $25

Family: $75

Single: $25

Family: $75

Annual Benefit Maximum $2,000 $2,000
In-network Out-of-network
Diagnostic and Preventive Services
Periodic Exams, X-rays, Cleanings, Brush Biopsy and Lab, Sealants, Space Maintainers, Topical Fluoride Application
$0; no deductible $0; no deductible
Basic Services
Restorative Fillings, Oral Surgery, Endodontic Treatments, Periodontic Treatments
20% after deductible 20% MPA after deductible
Major Services
Crowns, Cast Restorations, Denture and Bridge Work
40% after deductible 40% MPA after deductible
Orthodontia Services
Adults and Dependent Children
50% 50% MPA
Lifetime Orthodontia Plan Maximum
Not included in the Annual Benefit Maximum
$1,000 $1,000


Maximum Plan Allowance

The maximum amount Moda Health will reimburse dentists and other providers.


Eligible Dependents

Eligible dependents include your spouse/domestic partner, as defined by state law, your biological and stepchildren, up to age 26 (unless disabled and approved to be covered on the plan as an adult dependent), and your legally adopted children and children placed with you in the process of adoption.

Active&Fit Direct™

Moda Health members have access to the Active&Fit Direct™ program. For an initial $75 (includes sign-up fee and first two months) and $25 a month, you can choose from over 9,000 participating health clubs and YMCAs nationwide. To join, log in to Moda Health.