Stimson’s vision plan includes an annual routine eye exam and lenses, frames or contact lenses every 24 months. The plan is administered by EyeMed.

How It Works

You can receive care from any licensed vision provider, but you maximize your benefits — and save money — when you go to in-network providers. Plus, get discounts on vision products (e.g., frames, lenses, contacts, sunglasses) and free shipping from online providers when you register on the EyeMed website.

If you go to an out-of-network provider, you will need to request reimbursement by completing an Out-of-Network Vision Services Claim Form.


All regular full-time employees are eligible to enroll in vision coverage. You can also cover your eligible dependents. If you enroll in the vision plan, you will also be enrolled in the dental plan. Coverage begins on the first day of the month following your hire date.


Here’s a quick look at the vision plan. For details, review the Vision Summary of Benefits.

In-network Out-of-network
COVERED SERVICES What You Pay Reimbursement Amount
Every 12 months
$0 Up to $53
Contact Lens Fitting Options Standard contact lens fit and follow-up: Up to $55

Premium contact lens fit and follow-up: 10% off retail price



Every 24 months
$0 copay, $150 allowance, 80% of charge over $150 Up to $75
Every 24 months
Single vision: $0

Bifocal: $0

Trifocal: $0

Lenticular lenses: $0

Standard progressive lenses: $65

Premium progressive lenses: $65 copay, 80% of charge less $120 allowance

Single vision: Up to $35

Bifocal: Up to $49

Trifocal: Up to $74

Lenticular lenses: Up to $74

Standard progressive lenses: Up to $49

Premium progressive lenses: Up to $49

Lens Options UV treatment: $15

Tint: $15

Standard plastic scratch coating: $15

Standard polycarbonate – adults: $40

Standard polycarbonate – kids under age 19: $0

Standard anti-reflective coating: $45

Polarized: 20% off retail price

Other add-ons: 20% off retail price

Standard polycarbonate – kids under age 19: Up to $28
Contact Lenses
Every 24 months in lieu of glasses; materials only
Conventional: $0 copay, $150 allowance, 15% off balance over $150

Disposable: $0 copay, $150 allowance, plus balance over $150

Medically necessary: $0, paid in full

Additional pairs: 40% off complete pair of prescription eyeglass purchase; 20% off complete pair of nonprescription sunglass purchase

Laser vision correction: 15% off retail price or 5% off promotional price for Lasik or PRK (go to the EyeMed Lasik website for more information)

Conventional: Up to $120

Disposable: Up to $120

Medically necessary: Up to $210

Note: For articles, videos and interactive tools on vision health and wellness, visit the EyeMed Eye Site on Wellness website.


Eligible Dependents

Eligible dependents include your spouse/domestic partner, as defined by state law, your biological and stepchildren, up to age 26 (unless disabled and approved to be covered on the plan as an adult dependent), and your legally adopted children and children placed with you in the process of adoption.

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