The wellness program, administered by HealthAdvocate, is an easy way to get active, build healthy habits and earn dollars for your Health Savings Account (HSA).

How It Works

Participate in a variety of healthy activities during the year. Use the HealthAdvocate website to track your actions. Earn dollars for your HSA. Here’s a quick look at how the program works.

Who Can Participate

Both you and your spouse/domestic partner are eligible to participate in the wellness program. Plus, if you’re enrolled in the Stimson medical plan, Stimson rewards you and your spouse/domestic partner by making up to a $750 contribution to your HSA for completing wellness actions and activities. That’s a total of $1,500 for the year.

Complete Wellness Activities

If you are new to Stimson, you and/or your spouse/domestic partner must register on the HealthAdvocate website to participate in the wellness program and track your activities.

Required Activities: Earn $250

If you’re enrolled in the Stimson medical plan, you and your spouse/domestic partner can each earn $250 for your HSA by completing the following:

  • Personal Health Profile on the HealthAdvocate website.
  • Biometric Health Screening at a lab using a LabCorp voucher or from your doctor using a physician form.

Note: Routine physical exams are covered 100%, no deductible, by the Stimson medical plan.

Other Activities: Earn up to $500

You and your spouse/domestic partner can earn up to an additional $500 each by meeting healthy outcomes from your biometric health screening and participating in a variety of wellness activities.

Participate in any of the following activities during the plan year (January – December). For a complete list of activities, review the Wellness Program Guide.

SCREENING Healthy Target What Your HSA Earns
Blood Pressure < 130/80 mm HG $50
Cholesterol Ratio < 5.0 $50
Glucose Fasting glucose: < 100 mg/dL

Non-fasting Glucose: < 141 mg/dL

HBA1c (glycated hemoglobin):< 5.7%

BMI < 30 $50
Waist Circumference Men: < 41 inches

Women: < 36 inches

WELLNESS ACTIVITY Frequency What Your HSA Earns
Flu shot Once a year $25
COVID-19 Vaccine As required $250
Wellness Workshops Throughout the year $25 per workshop
($75 maximum)
Tobacco Status
Certify you are tobacco-free via the Tobacco Affidavit on the HealthAdvocate website or complete the Tobacco Cessation coaching program
Once a year $50
Competitions / Challenges Throughout the year $50 per competition / challenge
($150 maximum)
Wellness Coaching
Up to two programs
Throughout the year $100 per session
($200 maximum)
Healthy Activities
Certify completion via the Healthy Activities Affidavit on the HealthAdvocate website
Quarterly $50 per quarter
($200 maximum)
Annual Physical Once a year $50
Preventive Care
Various cancer screenings, preventive dental visit, vision exam
Throughout the year $25 each
($200 maximum)

Note: On the HealthAdvocate website, one point equals $1. For example, 50 points equals $50.

Receive a Stimson HSA Contribution

After you and your spouse/domestic partner have completed required wellness actions (Personal Health Profile and Health Screening) and other wellness activities, Stimson will make a tax-free contribution to your HSA by the 15th of the following month.

Requirements For Stimson’s HSA Contribution

You don’t need to be enrolled in the Stimson medical plan to participate in the wellness program. However, to receive a contribution for your HSA, you must be enrolled in the Stimson medical plan, actively contribute to your HSA and be employed at the time the dollars are deposited.

At the end of each quarter, complete the Healthy Activities Affidavit on the HealthAdvocate website to certify you tracked healthy activities.

Activate Your HSA

Your HSA must be activated to receive Stimson contributions to your account and to submit claims for eligible health care expenses. When you enroll in the medical plan, you will receive a letter from PayFlex, the HSA administrator, to get the process started. Be sure to submit the information requested to open your HSA. Learn More