How to Enroll
You have 31 days from your hire date to enroll in Stimson benefits. Coverage begins on the first day of the month following your date of hire.

Getting Started

  • Review your benefit options and decide which plans are right for you and your family.
  • When you’re ready to enroll, go to UltiPro, Stimson’s online HR platform. You will receive your UltiPro login information your first day of work.
  • The first time you go to UltiPro, sign in with the login information you received:
    • Username: STMSN plus 6-digit clock number (if clock number is less than 6 digits, e.g., 1234, add zeros to the front of your number to ensure a total of 6-digits: STMSN001234)
    • Password: Your date of birth — MMDDYYYY (example: June 9, 1968, is 06091968)

If you forget your password; you’ll be able to request a new one at any time.

How to Enroll

Enroll on UltiPro from any computer (not a smartphone or tablet) at anytime. From the menu, select “Myself” tab, then click “Life Events – I am a newly hired or rehired employee”.

Review your personal information: Make sure your personal information is correct (first and last name, address, etc.). If you notice any incorrect information that you can’t change, contact Human Resources.

Elect your benefits: Go through each benefit enrollment screen to elect the benefits you want and the dependents you want to enroll. To add an eligible domestic partner and their child(ren) to your medical plan, you must complete and return a Domestic Partner Affidavit. Review your elections and select “submit” when you’re done.

Note: UltiPro is available all year if you have a qualifying life event and need to make a change to your benefits or personal information during the year.

Enrollment Tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you enroll on UltiPro.

  • You must complete any field that is marked in red.
  • If you don’t complete all the enrollment steps, the system will save your work.
  • Forgot your password? No worries, you can reset it at any time.
  • If you need assistance, contact Human Resources.


Username: STMSN plus 6-digit clock number. If clock number is less than 6 digits (e.g., 1234), add zeros to ensure a total of 6-digits: STMSN000123.

Welcome to Stimson…

Glad you’re here! Review the following presentations to help you get started:

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