Total Stimson is a combination of our people, our culture and our values.

It’s our expectations of employees and what employees can expect from Stimson. It’s how we work, how we treat our customers and suppliers and how we support our communities.


At Stimson, our commitment to SAFETY is unwavering. We are HARD WORKING and take pride in our work. We FOCUS on executing the fundamentals every day to ensure world-class levels of efficiency and productivity, all while keeping safety our top priority. We dedicate ourselves to performing at our best today and in the future.


We believe in the golden rule — treat everyone with the same dignity, courtesy, and RESPECT we all deserve. We’ve cultivated a FORWARD-THINKING and COLLABORATIVE environment built on trust and teamwork where innovation and continuous improvement are encouraged.


Forest land is one of our most valuable assets. We NURTURE OUR TIMBERLAND with great care and pride for this generation and generations to come. We strive to be a GOOD NEIGHBOR and vital partner with the communities where we do business.

Stimson’s lands are managed to maximize profits while protecting resources such as air, water, wildlife, recreation and fisheries.

Jon Wehage, Tillamook

Stimson makes being good neighbors an important part of how we are defined.

Ted Carlson, Woodlands

To me, an integral part of Total Stimson is being a team player. Not only for internal purposes, but externally for our contractors.

Bill Pittman, Inland