Leaves of Absence
You may request time away from work for an extended period to deal with certain life issues. Become familiar with the various leaves available to you at Stimson.

Personal Leave

If you have an emergency or other special circumstance not covered by Stimson’s paid sick leave, vacation, or any other leave, you may be eligible for an unpaid personal leave.

Taking Personal Leave

  • Complete a Personal Leave Form. Talk with your supervisor or Human Resources to understand your options and any benefits or procedures that may be affected.
  • Your supervisor and Human Resources must approve your leave and determine the specific terms and conditions based on the reason for your leave request, job requirements, needs of your department and work record.
  • If your leave request is approved, the leave will generally be limited to 30 days.

Family Medical Leave (FML)

Sometimes, events occur that make it hard (or impossible) to come to work. With family and medical leave, you can take the time off you need and return to work later.


You must have worked for Stimson for at least 12 months and at least 1,250 hours (about 24 hours a week) before you start your leave.

About FML

  • You may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave during a 12-month period for certain family and medical reasons, including:
    • Incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care or childbirth.
    • Care of a newborn, adoption or placement of a child with you for foster care.
    • Care of your spouse, child, or parent with a serious health condition.
    • Your own serious health condition that makes you unable to perform the essential functions of your job.
    • Any qualifying exigency because your spouse, child or parent is on or called to active military duty.
  • You may take up to 26 weeks of unpaid leave in a single 12-month period to care for a qualifying family member who is in the Armed Forces, including the National Guard or Reserve.
  • You must use sick leave, then vacation during your waiting period for Short Term Disability (paid leave), or before a personal leave is granted. Learn more about Short Term Disability.

Taking FML

Follow these steps if you want to take FML:

  • Call New York Life Group Benefit Solutions (NYL GBS) at 888-842-4462 or log on to the NYL GBS website and complete the online claim form.
  • Email Human Resources to request a leave.
  • Submit a completed Leave Request Form to your supervisor or Human Resources at least 30 days before the leave begins (or as soon as possible for an unplanned leave).
  • In an emergency situation, you or someone on your behalf must verbally notify Stimson within two business days of starting the leave.

For more information, review How to file your disability and leave claim.

State Family and Medical Leave Laws

Some states have their own family and medical leave laws.

Oregon employees may be eligible for unpaid family leave through the Oregon Family Leave Act and paid leave through Paid Leave Oregon (PLO). FML, OFLA, and PLO run concurrent when all leave laws apply to your leave.

For OFLA you must work in Oregon and at Stimson for at least 180 calendar days with an average of 25 hours per week during the 180 days before leave begins. Under PLO, employees in Oregon who have earned at least $1,000 in the prior year may qualify for up to 12-weeks of paid family, medical or safe leave (for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment or stalking) in a benefit year. While on leave, PLO pays  a percentage of your wages. Benefit amounts depend on what you earned in the prior year.

For more information about family and medical leave, including request forms, processes for taking and returning from a leave and how your benefits are affected during the leave, contact Human Resources. For an overview of PLO, review the Oregon Paid Leave Employee Guide.


You may take up to 24 hours of paid bereavement leave for the death of an immediate family member including your spouse, domestic partner, parent, parent-in-law, parent of domestic partner, grandparent, grandparent-in-law, stepparent, sibling, child, stepchild, child of domestic partner and grandchild.

Oregon employees may take two weeks of bereavement leave within 60 days of the date noticed was received of the family member’s death under the Oregon Family Leave Act. 

Taking Bereavement Leave

Talk with your supervisor to request bereavement leave. Stimson will normally grant bereavement leave unless there are unusual business needs or staffing requirements.

Jury Duty

Stimson encourages you to fulfill your civic responsibilities by serving jury duty when required.

Taking Time Off For Jury Duty

  • Jury duty is an unpaid leave of absence. However, you may use any available paid time off, such as vacation, to be compensated for the time off.
  • Provide a copy of the summons to your supervisor at least two weeks before you are requested to report for jury duty. If Stimson is unable to release you due to business needs, you may be asked to defer jury duty to another time.
  • At the end of your jury duty, provide a copy of your service confirmation from the courthouse to your supervisor. You are responsible for notifying your supervisor if your service lasts longer than originally planned.

Witness Duty

If you receive a subpoena to testify in court, Stimson gives you time off.

  • Your time off is paid if you are asked to testify by Stimson.
  • Your time off is unpaid if you are asked to appear as a witness for a party other than Stimson. You may use any available paid time off, such as vacation, to be compensated for the absence.
  • You are responsible for notifying your supervisor of your summons before the required court dates and if your service lasts more than originally planned.

Military Caregiver

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave to care for a family member who is a covered veteran with a “serious injury or illness”.

Taking Military Caregiver Leave

You may be eligible to take up to 26 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12-month period as follows:

  • Care for a service member who is medically unfit to perform his or her duties because of:
    • A serious illness or injury incurred in the line or duty, or
    • A medical condition that was aggravated by his or her service.
  • Care for a spouse, child, parent or next of kin (as defined by law) who:
    • Is a veteran of the Armed Forces, including National Guard or Reserve;
    • Is undergoing treatment, recuperation or therapy for a serious injury or accident; and
    • Was in the Armed Forces within five years before the date on which treatment, recuperation or therapy is provided.

Crime Victims & Domestic Violence Leave (Oregon)

Leave is available for Oregon employees who:

  • Have worked for Stimson for at least 180 days,
  • Have worked an average of 25 hours or more per week in the 180 days prior to a leave request, and
  • Are the victim of a crime, domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault or stalking.

Taking Crime Victims/Domestic Violence Leave

Unpaid leave is available to attend criminal proceedings, seek legal or law enforcement assistance, seek medical treatment, or to obtain counseling.

Contact Human Resources or your supervisor to learn more.

Time Off for Voting

If you are unable to vote before or after work or by mail, Stimson provides two hours of unpaid time off to vote. (Note: Since Oregon elections are conducted by mail-in votes, this policy does not apply to Oregon employees.)

Taking Time Off to Vote

Request time off to vote from your supervisor at least two working days prior to an election day. You must show your supervisor your voter’s receipt on the first working day after the election.

For more information

If you have questions about taking a leave, email Human Resources.